Fifty-eight counties, nearly a million ballots -- elections officials are still counting votes from Tuesday's primary. 

The Secretary of State's office says there are 991,000 unprocessed ballots out there. The number's made up of provisional votes that were cast and mail-in ballots "that people held onto and dropped off on election day." 

Spokeswoman Shannon Velayas says so far, 3.4 million ballots have been counted, which puts turnout at just over 19 percent.

We could hit 25 percent when everything's added in.

"They're gonna finish that work toward the end of the month," she said. 

But that would still be a record low for turnout. Some contests are still too close to call.

"One of the big ones is the controller's race," she said. 

Accountant David Evans, former Assembly Speaker John Perez and Board of Equalization member Betty Yee are neck and neck.