A report by the Sacramento City Auditor's Office is showing the Sacramento City Fire Department failed to appropriately track their morphine supply. 

The report shows 100 vials of morphine were not appropriately tracked, and now Sacramento's city auditor wants random drug tests to be implemented for all fire department employees. 

"We recognize that there is a potential risk out there for the misuse of narcotics," Auditor Jorge Oseguera told News10.

"We did not, and let me be clear, we did not find that the fire department had abused the narcotics or any evidence that there may have been abuse of the narcotics," he said.  

It was eventually discovered the vials of missing morphine were in fact not missing, but appeared to be missing because of a clerical error. 

The Sacramento City Fire Department says it already drug tests employees when they feel they need to.

However, the department will consider the recommendation for random drug tests and will have talks with the labor union. 

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