A man suspected of trying to kidnap a young boy yesterday in Auburn was doing anything but.  

Placer County Sheriff's Detectives spent last night and a good part of today looking for a short, heavy-set Hispanic man in connection with what was reported as an attempted kidnapping at the Dollar Tree store in north Auburn. 

"They identified him, tracked him down and met him at his home," Spokeswoman Dena Erwin said.

Erwin said the man was very cooperative.

"He explained that as he was walking in the aisle of the story, he had his hands full, so he bumped into a child he didn't see. So, he took the child's hands to help him up, the grandmother came around the aisle at that point, saw him and misunderstood his actions," she said. 

The woman then called for the boys grandfather who came after the man.  

Fearing for his safety, the former suspect set his items down and left the store.  

At this point, officials have no reason to believe the man had any intention to harm or abduct the child.