California is third in the nation when it comes to high hospital charges.

Statewide, hospitals charge on average $451 for every $100 of total cost according to Charles Idelson with the California Nurses Association.

"In California there are hospitals that charge as much as ten times over their cost.  These charges end up resulting in people getting enormous medical bills," he said.

Locally, Idelson said Sutter General has their charges at $471 for ever $100 in cost.  Mercy Methodist: $453.  He says the national average is about $331 dollars:

"There's really no excuse for these high charges," Idelson concluded.

So what are some of the most expensive hospitals in California?

The list may surprise you:

1) Olympia Medical Center, Los Angeles - 1034%

2) Doctors Hospital of Manteca, Manteca - 967%

3) Doctors Medical Center, Modesto - 957%

4) Barstow Community Hospital, Barstow - 872%

5) Monterey Park Hospital, Monterey Park - 860%

6) Twin Cities Community Hospital, Templeton - 813%

7) Lodi Memorial Hospital, Lodi - 811%

8) Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills - 809%

9) Regional Medical Center, San Jose - 804%

10) Community and Mission Hospital of Huntington Park, Huntington Park - 783%

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