More than 180 Caltrans workers have been killed on the job since the 1920s. So, authorities are putting a unique spin on their latest safety campaign. 

Creative Director Brantley Payne says you will soon be seeing highway billboards and hearing public service announcements featuring the children of Caltrans workers.

"The key here is to personalize Caltrans and to personalize the responsibility of the driver when they approach and drive through a work zone," Payne said. 

Christina Holden knows how important that can be. She's one of the highway workers.

"For me it's very scary. You don't realize when you're working on the side of the freeway how close the cars are to you, and how they're not paying attention," Holden said. 

So while her 8-year old son, Cameron, is excited to be part of the campaign, he knows he has an important job.

"To tell people to slow down and be careful because they can hit my mom and I don't want that to happen," he said. 

The "Be Work Zone Alert" campaign begins today.