Local tech stores are now getting their back-to-school rush, so make sure you know the rules before you spend your hard-earned cash.

If you're among the parents looking to give your kids a technological edge, Jennifer Jolly, the host of USA Today's digital lifestyle series "TechNow," hopes you've already checked in with your kids' school.

"Find out what their gadget policies are and what their gadget expectations are," Jolly said. 

And watch what your kids are doing with the tech gadgets you get them.

"I say no to spying and no to doing things behind your kids' back, but, if you bought the gadget, if you pay for that gadget's monthly smart phone fees, that gadget belongs to you, and you not only have a right, you have a duty to know what's going on with it," she said. 

Jolly recommends apps like TeenSafe and MobyFox mobile guardian. 

Also, she cautions against letting your kids have their gadgets in the bedroom overnight.