SACRAMENTO -- While leaders in Washington have pushed the government shutdown into a fourth day, a permanent exhibit to compromise is dedicated at the State Capitol.

In 2010, four of California's political leaders -- Democratic Senator Darrell Steinberg and Congresswoman Karen Bass and Republicans David Cogdill and Michael Villines -- were honored with the Kennedy Foundation's national Profile in Courage Award.

The bi-partiasan coalition received the award for the courage they demonstrated a year earlier, when they came together to reach an unpopular compromise of tax increases and program cuts to help rescue the state from a $42 billion deficit.

A permanent exhibit of that award is now on display near the East Entrance of the State Capitol. As, former Assembly-Republican leader Michael Villines -- says it offers a lesson for those on Capitol Hill today.

"What's more important than anything else is working together and having a servant's heart and mentality in putting the people first. And if you do that, you'll start to be able to break through and make some decisions and get things solved," Villines said.