A Stockton man is recovering after he was shot in the leg while defending his family from burglars. 

Carlos Soto, 24, says he would do it all again to keep his family safe.  

Tuesday morning before dawn, Soto heard his mother screaming as four armed burglars began breaking into his home. Without hesitation, Soto punched the first person he saw. 

"We were fighting about two or three minutes. I don't think they were expecting somebody to run up and actually give a fight," Soto said. 

Speaking with News10, Soto says he was determined to get the burglars out of the house and away from his father, mother and two sisters.

After the armed men ran off, he realized he had a bullet wound in his thigh. He was treated at an area hospital for his non-life threatening wound. 

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's department has four people in custody but can not yet confirmed they were involved in the home invasion.