As millions of Americans get notices that their current health insurance policies will no longer be available under the new health care law, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is getting some tough questioning today from members of a Senate panel.

Sebelius is testifying again about the troubled launch of the HealthCare.Gov website. In a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, Sebelius said she is accountable for the problems with the website.

"In the last five weeks, access to HealthCare.Gov has been a miserablly frustrating expereince for far too many of these Americans. It's unacceptable. I am focused on fixing it. And I am accountable," Sebelius said. 

Utah Republican Orrin Hatch called the rollout a disastrous debacle and accused the Obama administration of repeatedly misleading the American people.

Even the committee's Democratic chairman, Max Baucus of Montana, says he has concerns about the problems with the government health care website, and possible security risks for the private information of consumers.