The 20-year old Lodi-area man facing terrorism charges is publicly telling his side of the story from the Sacramento County Jail.

Nicholas Teausant says he's never wanted to do harm to his own country.  

He claims he just wanted to help Syrian rebels in their fight.  

Speaking with The Sacramento Bee, Teausant said he was young and uninformed when he allegedly told an FBI informant he wanted to join ISIS.

"I was in college, still not very mature, figured that the government was to blame for everything -- which is the general sentiment amongst college students I hung out with at Delta," he said. 

The government charges that Teausant also told the informant he wouldn't return to the U.S. until President Barack Obama was dead and Congress gone.  

He's also alleged to have said he would kill his own mother if she got in his way, both charges he denies.