A Stockton mother may have won the "Best Mom Award" after coming to the aid of her daughter being robbed.

A woman had just returned home from shopping on Mother's Day on the 3100 block of Stefano Way in Stockton when two suspects approached her and tried stealing her shopping bag.

After she resisted -- one of the men ripped off a gold chain from around her neck. Stockton Police officer Joe Silva says that's when the woman's elderly mother came running out.

"At that point, the victim's elderly mother saw what happened and chased after the suspects, yelling for help," Silva said. 

When the two black males got into their white four-door car, they fired a gun into the air, then fled the scene. 

"This is probably not how this family planned on spending Mother's Day, but we all gotta remember that all moms, it doesn't matter how old they are, always have that instinct in them that when they see something happen to one of their children, they're gonna go out and protect them," he said. 

The men got away, but no one was hurt during the incident. If anyone has any information on this robbery, you're asked to call the Stockton Police Department.