House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she does not support sending ground troops into Iraq to fight insurgents who are sweeping the country.
The San Francisco Democrat was helping other elected leaders open a new California Democratic Headquarters and told reporters she supports President Obama's decision to refuse to commit ground troops.
"I don't think there's any appetite in the public for us going back into Iraq," Pelosi said, before echoing remarks from Secretary of State john Kerry that cooperation with Iran is on the table.
"When they say military, as long as they don't mean boots on the ground, then we can talk about it," she said.
Pelosi praised the state's new budget, passed Sunday, but said it could have done more for early childhood education and social service spending.
She also said she wasn't concerned that Republican Kevin McCarthy, who's likely the next Majority Leader, is opposed to high-speed rail.
She said members of her caucus wouldn't "defect" on a vote and that "we expect that we will have the funding."