The young son of NFL star Adrian Peterson is dead. Authorities in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have charged 27-year-old Joseph Patterson, the boyfriend of the child's mother, with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant.

There are also reports Patterson has also previously been accused of beating a three-year-old.

The tragedy with Peterson's child is unfortunately not an uncommon experience.

And one former Sacramento law enforcement official is speaking out about how parents can protect their children and make sure this doesn't happen to them.

KFBK Talk Show host and former Sacramento Sheriff John McGinness says this is a situation he has seen during his law enforcement experience far too often.

He says it's up the biological parent to know who they enter into a relationship with and make sure that person has an understanding of how to treat a child.

"And about how to handle a child, how to deal with a child when they cry, when they're colicky, when they're for whatever reason very difficult to satisfy and comfort," McGinness said.

And that that person can control themselves when he or she is angry.

"Know that in a fit of anger or rage, do not under any circumstances, shake that child," he said.