Southwest Airlines Flight 4013 landed safely Sunday evening, but not where it was supposed to land.  After welcoming everyone to Branson, MO, the pilot had to admit the plane was in a different airport a few miles away.

"I was surprised on the intercom and were like 'oh we're at the wrong airport,'" said one passenger.

CBS News Aviation Consultant Mark Rosenker tells us it's easy to imagine,

"It is normally because the airports are very close to each other and many times the runways are actually running in the same direction."

Southwest Airlines says a flight dispatcher was the third person in the cockpit of the Boeing 737.  The plane touched down about seven miles where it was supposed to land at Branson Airport.  It stopped about 500 feet from the end of the runway at M. Graham Clark Downtown airport.  The airline said dispatchers are certified to be in the cockpit as part of the operations team.