After a 16-day government crisis, Democratic leaders hope the $25 billion dollars it cost the economy will serve as a lesson to avoid future shutdowns.

The current deal is temporary, keeping the country running until early next year, but House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn't think we'll see another stoppage in January, saying,

"I don't think the American people would tolerate it. We have to come to resolution, and that means we put everything on the table and have a debate about it."

Sacramento Congresswoman Doris Matsui says there needs to be a balance between cuts and revenue, saying,

"We need to look at how we address spending in a way that is reasonable.  When you start cutting things in education, healthcare, and defense, that is not the way we should go about it."

Matusi added that no one wants a shutdown, reiterating taht the government needs to stay open so the nation's business gets done.

Both congresswomen are in Sacramento for an economic agenda at Sacramento State University.