Police agencies in Placer County are looking into a new way to fight heroin overdoses.

Officers from Auburn on down are reporting an increase in the use of the drug, meaning those overdoses may not be too far behind.

One possibility: Have patrols carry antidote kits.

"As we see trends start happening, we need to be prepared for it," Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn said. 

Ruffcorn is a supporter of the idea.

Roseville's Chief, Daniel Hahn, was also quoted in a local paper as interested, once training programs are developed and liability for mistakes are addressed.

The kits would be used when officers beat medics to the scene.

"There are some situations, medical responses, overdoses, emergency crashes where we are first on scene," Ruffcorn said. 

Sheriff's deputies in San Diego County are the first in the state with antidote.