Ocean saver or job killer? A fight over a possible statewide ban on plastic bags has been heating up. 

Legislation to ban single-use bags failed last year and a paired-down proposal has surfaced, but some manufacturers still aren't happy.

"There's 2,000 jobs in manufacturing so potentially all those jobs are at risk," said Mark Daniels.

Daniels, with Hilex Poly, helped hand-deliver protest letters to the capitol today. The current bill from Democratic Senators Padilla, de Leon and Lara would ban disposable bags and charge consumers ten cents for a paper bag or a studier plastic one that could be used 100-plus times.

Nathan Weaver with Environment California says like it or not, this is happening.

"One in three Californians live somewhere with a plastic bag ban and they've over five years to get used to the policy.

The bill has its first big hearing next week.