Police had contact with the mother accused of putting her 5-year-old daughter in the trunk of her car and driving to Sacramento.

Police visited the home of Aquelin Telemantes hours before the incident unfolded.

"The suspect in this case had come out and waved down a police officer that was working traffic in the area. The officer then went in the house and called another officer. The two officers did a welfare check, which means they make sure that everyone is OK. The officers then went ahead and cleared," Lt. Paul Doroshov with the Davis Police said.

Later that day, police were again called to the scene after Telemantes and her daughter had disappeared.

Treating it as a missing persons case, Davis police determined where she was headed and notified Sacramento Police.

The Sacramento Police Department made the rescue of Tatiana from the trunk of the car.

She later died on the way to the hospital. Later that night Davis Police again entered the home on Glide Drive and found evidence the girl was injured in the home. Aquelin Telemantes is now in jail in Yolo County facing murder charges on a no bail hold.

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