Killer whales could soon be off the show schedule at SeaWorld if a California lawmaker gets his way. State Assemblyman Richard Bloom has introduced a bill that would ban SeaWorld from using the whales, also known as orcas, in their shows at the theme park. He says AB 2140 will end performance-based entertainment for all orcas in the state of California. It will end captive orca breeding and it will end the import and export of orcas into and out of the state.

Bloom says he was driven to author the bill after seeing the documentary "Blackfish," which makes allegations of animal abuse against the whales at SeaWorld. He says there is no justification to continue to use orcas for entertainment purposes.  

SeaWorld officials have denied the abuse allegations and claim "Blackfish" used extreme animal rights activists masquerading as scientists to paint an incorrect picture of orca treatment at the park.