Wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, 32-year old Samuel Duran of Roseville made his initial court appearance in a courtroom at the Placer County Jail.

He faces multiple charges of Attempted Murder of a Peace Officer,  Assault with a Semi-Automatic Firearm on a Peace Officer,  Residential Burglary,  False Imprisonment, and Making Criminal Threats.

Two Placer County Sheriff's Deputies stood behind him as as Judge Coleen Nichols read him his rights.

The Roseville resident said he understood his rights, but simply shrugged his shoulders when Judge Colleen Nichols initially asked him if he wanted the court to appoint an attorney or if he had one.

When the judge asked again he responded, "for the time being, yeah."

A plea was deferred until at least Friday for discovery purposes.  The District Attorney agreed but says he doesn't know if he'll have anything by then. 

The next hearing was set for Friday morning at 8:30.

Duran has two previous felony strike convictions and subsequently faces life in prison if found guilty.  

About a dozen members of Duran's family attended the arraignment, but none would offer comment.