Some cows in Galt are now keeping the milk in your refrigerator cold by producing their own power.

Your typical dairy cow produces six gallons of milk each day and generates about 120 pounds of waste.

Arlen Vangronagen at New Hope Dairy has twelve hundred cows.  Some quick math and you can imagine what he used to deal with, but that's changing.


He's now putting the waste into a machine that takes out methane gas and turns it into electricity.

It's called the digestor, and Vangronagen says,

"we run a generator and produce power we put back in the grid."


SMUD's Marco Llemas says theyll start burning during peak hours and the program's a win-win.  The farm is a bit clearner, there are fewer flies,

"and our customers get renewable energy."

There are two "digestors" in the area, and each is enough to power about 250 single family homes.