Set your alarm for midnight. Sacramento's in store for a lunar eclipse.

It's the first total eclipse of the year, and it will be a special one: a "blood moon" with a color that depends on weather conditions.

Expect a burnt, reddish hue in most places.

"Well we've had 'em where they're golden, where they're orange, where they don't have much of a color, they're more of a white yellow," Ross Gorman, president of the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society said. 

Light is reflecting off dust and debris in the atmosphere, which leads to the coloration, he said. 

Gorman says we're in for a front-row seat.

There will be just a few high clouds in the area. Prime viewing starts around 11 p.m. with that total eclipse between midnight and 1 a.m.

Mars is also making its closest pass to Earth. It'll be the brightest point near the moon.

Think you'll miss it? This is the first in a series over the next year and a half.

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