The search continues for a Curtis Park man who's been missing since April 29th.

Marjorie Porter says her husband, 58-year-old Alan Porter, was last seen that afternoon heading out on a motorcycle ride.

Marjorie says Alan jump-started his blue Yamaha racing bike, and took off.

"He left with his driver's license and an ATM credit card, all his other credit cards are at the house -- they all have zero balances. His ATM card has not been used," she said.

She says Sacramento PD, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, and even CHP are all helping friends and family search for Alan.

She says he typically chose the back roads, and seldom used routes for his rides.

"Today, we just got three private planes hired to go up in the air. They'll be working for about five or six hours taking kind of a 200 mile radius around Sacramento," she said. 

Anyone with information on Alan Porter is urged to call Sacramento Police dispatch. 

Photo: Sacramento Police Department