The search for the four missing men at Folsom Lake is expected to pick up again today. The men disappeared Saturday afternoon after their speedboat capsized.
California Parks Department spokeswoman Vicky Waters says the four men have been identified as Toby Strauch, 54, James Strauch, 47, Jake Jacobs, 53, and Jon Smith, 48. All men are from the Sacramento Region.
Authorities say the boat was traveling faster than 100 miles per hour. The boat's high speed is one reason rescuers say they have not been able to find the four men, who are presumed dead. Folsom Lake does not have a speed limit for boats in open water.
The underwater search was canceled Sunday because of high winds and low visibility. So now, search crews have shifted this from a rescue to a recovery effort.
Diving teams from California State Parks, the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office, and Place County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search of the lake throughout the morning Sunday.
On Saturday May 10, at around 1:45 p.m., California State Parks received a call regarding a capsized boat in the main body of Folsom Lake SRA. Park Rangers arrived within minutes of the call, and located the boat -- described as a 35’ to 40’ speed boat.
Eyewitnesses initially stated three men were riding on the boat.
A fourth male was later confirmed to have also been in the boat at the time of the accident. All four men are still missing. 
The El Dorado County Sheriff's Department, Placer County Sheriff’s Department, the Sacramento County DART Team, and the CHP have all assisted in the search for the missing men.