The state's unemployment rate has dipped, but we've seen it jump in Sacramento.

California's jobless rate fell to 8.1 percent in January, even though the total number of payroll positions actually decreased.

Throughout the four-county capital area, the rate shot up to 8.3 percent, from 7.5 in December.

"The region experienced a net loss of 11,600 jobs. We saw nine of 12 areas in negative territory, led by trade, transportation and utilities," George Marley with the EDD said. 

Marley says this is somewhat expected -- many of those jobs were seasonal, retail work.

One highlight: the 8.3 percent is still well below the 10 percent level we saw at this time last year.

The state has gained more than a million jobs since 2010.

The national employment numbers were also released today by the Labor Department. 

Despite continued horrible weather in most of the country more people got hired in February.  The Labor Department reports 175,000 new jobs, better number than in December or January.

"The US economy did go through a temporary soft patch.  Some of it was weather related but we seem to be coming out of it," said IHS economist Nariman Behravesh.

Hiring numbers for December and January were even revised up a little.  The unemployment rate went up 1/10 of a percent, not a significant change, but it indicates that more people decided to go out and look for jobs.