Now that we're finally getting some typical Northern California winter weather, Caltrans and the CHP are gearing up to keep you safe on the roads.  

Deanna Shoopman with Caltrans says it's all hands on deck right now with rain in the Valley and snow in the Sierra for the next few days.

"We call in our Sierra snowfighters to come up the hill," she said. 

The CHP is warning you to be careful driving through flood zones in the valley and to watch for debris in the roads from strong winds, but officers say rain can turn to snow in the Sierra and make driving tougher.

That crew hasn't seen much action this winter but remains on call 24/7.  They're normally based in the valley to help prevent flooding, but Shoopman says sending them to the Sierra won't be a problem.

"We're covered here in the valley," she said. 

The CHP is warning drivers to be aware rain can quickly turn to snow and make driving hazardous in the Sierra.