The teenage boy awakened in the middle of the night to a life-changing experience. The Napa Earthquake victim gives his account of Sunday morning's shaker.

Nicholas Dillon, 13, had a friend over for the night.  

The boys fell asleep sometime before midnight. Dillon awoke to feel the earth shaking.  

After calling out for his friend four times, the boy started crawling toward the door when the home's chimney collapsed on his back. 

He says he did his best to get out from under the pile of bricks.

"I crawled out of them. I didn't have all of them on top of me, I don't know how many landed on me, but I just remember crawling," he said. 

And then, there was a moment of panic.

"I thought I was paralyzed ... I couldn't feel my legs, I couldn't feel my back," he said. 

He screamed for his mother, who fell twice trying to reach him.  

Dillon says he was on the floor for 30 minutes to an hour before paramedics arrived with help.

Dillon says he's OK and hangin' in there.  

Sometimes he feels pressure but no pain, other times he says it hurts so much he gets aggressive.  

His recovery could take five months or longer.

Dillon's family has set up an account to help with his continued recovery. It's through Bank of America.