The United States Attorney's office in Kansas has filed hate crime charges against Frazier Glenn Cross, the suspect in yesterday's shooting outside a Jewish community center, killing three.  

The 73-year-old white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader was caught on video screaming "Heil Hitler" while he was being taken into custody. 


A man with a history of anti-Semitism and racism is in custody today after authorities say he shot and killed three people at two Jewish facilities in Overland Park, Kansas.  

Yesterday's bloodshed came on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover.  

Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, also known as Frazier Glenn Miller, is accused of opening fire at a Jewish Community Center and then another at Jewish assisted living facility.  

The Southern Poverty Law Center says Cross is the former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.  

The FBI is involved in the investigation of yesterday's deadly shootings at two Jewish facilities in Overland Park, Kansas.  

Police would not confirm reports of the suspect yelling "Heil Hitler" as he was being taken into custody.  

President Obama has issued a statement on the tragedy saying he and First Lady Michelle Obama are offering their thoughts and prayers to the family and friends who lost a loved one and everyone else affected in the community.  

Obama says he's asked his team to stay in close touch with federal, state and local partners and to provide the necessary resources to support the ongoing investigation.