Thirteen people are dead -- including the shooter -- during a mass shooting in our nation's capital.

The suspected shooter in the Washington Navy Yard is a civilian contractor from Texas. He's 34-year-old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth.  No motive has been released and police are looking for another suspect.

Joining us is Clear  Channel's 24/7 news reporter Tom Roberts in the nation's capital.

Also, authorities in Seattle say the man identified as the shooter in today's deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard had been arrested in Seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a parked car that belonged to two construction workers.

According to a police report, he said he had been "disrespected'' and "mocked.'' Seattle police said today that detective spoke with Alexis' father, who said his son had anger management problems associated with PTSD, and had participated in rescue attempts on 9/11.