A Yuba County man has won millions of dollars in damages after a three year legal battle with a mortgage company.

PHH Mortgage is paying more than $16 million to Phillip Linza after a jury found it was at fault in a mortgage modification fraud case.

Linza was paying $2,100 dollars a month in 2010 for his home in Plumas Lake, about 10 miles south of Marysville. 

Speaking with News10,  Linza says PHH Mortgage agreed to reduce his payments to just over $1,500 dollars a month, however, after paying the newly agreed amount, the mortgage company told him there was a mistake. 

"They jacked it up, never explained why. They sent another letter demanding $7,000, never explained why," he said. 

Linza testified he tried to get answers, but only heard a reply back when he threatened to sue. 

At the end of the three year mortgage case, a jury found the mortgage company guilty of fraud.

Linza says this issue could have been avoided if PHH Mortgage had simply owned up to their mistake and honored their agreement.