It’s finally time for Braxton Family Values to return to the small screen and the sisters have a lot going on this season.

Last time we saw Trina Braxton, she was announcing her divorce from her husband, Gabe Solis.

In a recent interview with CocoaFab correspondent, Cherise Nicole, Trina reveals she may be having second thoughts about the split.

“You know life is difficult. You know and when you are expressing personal decisions in front of America and in front of everyone, you open yourself up to a lot of opinions.  And sometimes that kind of clouds your decision making,” she said.

“So, I need some time to step back and let God and move myself out of the way.  So, it’s been a difficult transition. It really has, so it’s more than just myself, it’s more than just me and Gabe.  It’s me and it’s Gabe and it’s our family.

Trina seems concerned about how her boys would handle the split.

“We have two children who we both love.  So, right now we’re concentrating on being good parents,” she said. ”My oldest son is in college and my youngest is in 10th grade so, it’s a long haul.”

Check out the full interview, below!

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WeTV.