Beyoncé and Jay-Z kick off their “On The Run” tour tonight in Miami, but fans hoping to see a loving couple on stage may be disappointed. Sources tell “Grazia” magazine that there has been major tension between the pair ever since Jay’s fight with Bey’s sister Solange.

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“They might be sharing a stage, but while on tour they'll be living practically separate lives," claimed an insider. "Tensions between them is worse than ever meaning they will be traveling between venues independently, staying in different hotel suits and even having separate entourages.” Added the source, "They'll also have individual dressing rooms, so the only time they're together will be while they're performing."

And it sure sounds like the two stars would rather be anywhere other than the road. “They've both been dreading the tour. Cancelling wasn't an option, so on the surface it's going to be business as usual, they they're both struggling with trust issues after the spate of cheating allegations,” said the insider. "Jay's given Beyoncé unlimited access to his texts and emails to try and keep the peace, but a lot of their communication will be through assistants.”

Here's some pics of Jay and Bey in better times and other POWER COUPLES:


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