We told you that Chris Brown's finally landed himself in jail, and maybe for the long run, and TMZ is now claiming to know why.

Sources tell the site Brown violated three rules while staying in rehab, one of which is staying away from women. The singer had a special rule put in place just for him: stay two feet away from the women at the rehab center at all times. Apparently not everyone forgot about his run in with Rihanna. According to the sources, he couldn't stay away from the ladies and may have even had a sexual encounter with another patient during this stay.

As for the other two violations, he refused to take a drug test after an organized outing and mocked rehab during a group therapy session. As of now, he's still in jail. 

Believe it or not, there are still people out there supporting Chris Brown, just head over to Twitter. Hashtags like #PrayForChrisBrown and #TeamBreezyStandsByChrisBrown have started to pop up along with oddly inspirational messages for a person who seems to spend more time in trouble than in the studio: