Did Hank Baskett cheat on Kendra Wilkinson with a transsexual? That’s what Ava Sabrina London is saying. She told The National Enquirer that Hank first contacted her two months ago through a video she’d posted on YouTube. 

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London said that they exchanged contact info, and Baskett came over. When he got there, she’d just gotten out of the pool with her girlfriend. She answered the door dressed in a bikini and he was there wearing basketball shorts, sandals, and sunglasses. She had no clue about Hank’s celebrity status, and he gave her a fake name. Ava went on to say that Hank “absolutely knew” that she had been born a man – especially since she still has her original equipment. They messed around, and after everything was over – quite quickly on Hank’s part, Ava said – he showered and paid her $5-hundred bucks. 

Hank has been married to Kendra since 2009, and they are the parents of a four-year-old son and a newborn daughter. At this point, the former NFL wide receiver and his camp have been mum on this subject.

Stay tuned… in the meantime, below here's other Reality TV couples that have gone through the drama too:

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