The fashion world isn't always a friendly place for curvier women, but Tim Gunn, the fashion designer / mentor on Project Runway has been very vocal about his thoughts on designing for everyone – not just runway models. Gunn told the Hollywood Reporter, "I would like to do a season of Project Runway where every model is larger than a size 12."

Photo: Getty Images

Seems like an awesome idea. For years, Gunn has been speaking out about how high fashion needs to be accessible to all women, and there's no reason why a good designer can't make clothing that makes women of all sizes look and feel fantastic. In an interview last year Gunn said, "When I'm working in the real world with real women and we're shopping, we find that fashion seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12." He also explained that there are two very neglected markets that designers ignore: women who are larger than 12 and women who are petite. "Most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant," said Gunn.

The Today show polled its viewers asking, "Would you like to see a season of Project Runway with models who are only size 12 and above?" A whopping 89% said yes. In fact, not one person said no. 10% said not a whole season but it would be nice if they incorporated all different body types more often.