Halle Berry's bank account is about to get a little light. The Oscar winning actress has been ordered to pay $16-thousand a month to ex Gabriel Aubry for child support.

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That's not all...

According to the Associated Press, Berry will pay for their daughter's tuition and half her health care expenses. The former couple were in a nasty custody battle back in 2012, when a judge blocked the actress from moving with her daughter to France.

In another win for Aubry, Berry also has to fork over $115-thousand and $300-thousand to Aubry's attorneys to cover the costs of their custody dispute. 


Here is what some other celebrities pay for child support, to give you an idea of what Halle's payments are like, via CBS News:


·                  Charlie Sheen had to cough up $55-thousand for his twin boys back in 2011.


·                  Rapper Nas has to pay $51-thousand a month to his ex, Kelis, and their son


·                  Russell Simmons has to pay $40-thousand a month to support his two daughters and ex wife Kimora Lee


·                  Britney Spears has to pay $20-thousand a month to Kevin Federline


·                  Diddy has to pay $19-thousand for his son Justin


·                  Paul McCartney dolls out $70-thousand a year in child support