Justin Bieber has dropped some serious cash in strip clubs lately, and now porn king Larry Flynt wants to return the favor -- by giving the Bieb a million bucks to appear in an ad for his jiggle joint.

Flynt's rep wants Justin to be the face of the worldwide chain of Hustler Clubs, and has along sent a proposal with plans for a flashy ad campaign. David Lieberman has concocted a commercial that would feature Justin getting a lap dance from a gal clad in an American flag bikini, before he turns to the camera and says, “Keep it here in the good old U.S. of A.... Keep the lap dances a-coming when you turn 21.” The plan may have to wait a bit, since Justin can't legally enter a Hustler Club until next March, when he turns 21. But the payout does include a no-holds-barred party at the club of his choice as soon as he's legal. Trust me, JB knows about doing the strip club thing, like this stripper-romp in Texas: