A fantasy guy and a real guy are two very different things for women. Women conjure up a type when they daydream about a guy, whereas men fantasize about a scenario that is visually stimulating. All women fantasize, whether you are in a relationship or not. It's totally natural, and there is a reason why certain characteristics pop up over and over in rom-com movies and romance novels – women have similar fantasies!

Here are they types of guys all women fantasize about:

  • The younger man: With his boyish good looks and zest for life, this guy will remind you of your first love or first crush.
  • The super wealthy, misunderstood man: He's sophisticated and super sexy, but only one woman can break through his cold exterior to the heart of gold. Guess who she is ...
  • The bad boy: He does what he wants and never asks permission, but the right girl can tame this guy. No one will ever know it but her!
  • The foreign guy: He's cultured and exciting and will introduce you to a whole new world – plus, he's got a sexy accent!
  • The supernatural guy: Vampire, wizard, werewolf or superhero – this is the forbidden lover. It's dangerous, but so irresistible!

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