V101 Artist Magic! leader Nasri Atweh has heard folks say the reggae-styled sound of the band's smash hit "Rude" isn't the real thing -- and he doesn't care one bit. 

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The Toronto native, who produced hits for Justin Bieber and Pitbull before topping the charts with his own band, tells Spin, "Everything is a shtick, man... Everything. Who is completely organic? It doesn't make any sense. There's always a little bit of sugar in chocolate... Reggae and I are new friends. We were old lovers and new friends. For whatever reason, ever since I was a kid, whenever I heard reggae or reggae groove or whatever it was, I just understood the fun but serious part of it. So yeah, call me a shtick, but I'm still gonna write a good song when I go home and I'm still gonna bring you more songs."

Magic!'s next show is at Del Mar Racetrack in California on August 15th

 Big Al Asks: Does authenticity matter in music? Does it even exist anymore? Give Al your take below: