Master P lost custody of his four children yesterday. TMZ says that a judge awarded Sonya Miller sole physical and legal custody of 17-year-old Tytyana, 14-year-old Italy, 13-year-old Hercy, and nine-year-old Mercy because Master P didn’t bother to show up for court. In addition, he has to pay Sonya’s $75-thousand dollar legal bill. 


Photo: Getty Images


Meanwhile, the rapper known as Percy Miller told AllHipHop that the reason he wasn’t in court was that he didn’t know there was a court date. Instead, he was at Italy’s school because the girl’s failing all of her courses. Apparently she’s the only child currently living with Sonya – who he blames for Italy’s academic troubles. 

P issued a statement blasting Sonya and her lawyers for only going for the payday – not the best interest of the children. He also blasted TMZ and other gossip sited for reporting stuff without getting the facts straight.

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