Miss America pageant officials have stripped Miss Delaware of her crown, just two weeks after crowning her.

24-year-old Amanda Longacre was notified this week that she was losing her title, as well as the $9,000 scholarship money because she was too old to compete in the Miss America pageant. The pageant requires contestants to be between the ages of 17 and 24 at the time of the competition. Longacre will turn 25 this year and argues that the pageant knew about her age and, if there was a problem, should have said something at the time she applied. Longacre is understandably upset and says she did absolutely nothing wrong. Meanwhile, her runner-up Brittany Lewis has been crowned Miss Delaware. Longacre says she is consulting with a lawyer and considering legal action against the Miss America pageant.

That's messed up! Check out other pageant contestants in other competitions:

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