It might be hard to keep all of Justin Bieber's legal woes in order, but this time, we're talking about the case against his bodyguard, who allegedly beat up a photographer.

As part of the investigation, according to TMZ, Biebz was interviewed and now the footage from the deposition has been released. There is over four and a half hours of the 20-year-old talking.

The site edited four clips that they feel are the "best." 


  • In the first clip, Biebz is "arrogant," refusing to answer questions and looking completely unenthused. 
  • In the second, Biebz is really touchy about his love live. Specifically, of course about Selena Gomez. When she's brought up, everyone on the pop star's team goes nuts and Bieber takes off his mic and walks out. 
  • In the third clip, Bieber just goes the silent treatment route, even closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep. Oh, until he compares his deposition to a "60 Minutes" interview. 
  • In the fourth clip, he tells lawyers that the name "Usher" sounds familiar but that he was "detrimental" to his own career. Whoops, think you meant instrumental, buddy. 


Justin may not want to talk about Selena Gomez during the deposition, but he wouldn't stop gabbing about her during South By South West. Biebz dedicated his song "Boyfriend" to Gomez. "This goes out to my baby girl," Bieber told a crowd of about 100 people. Are they officially back on? Her family certainly doesn't hope so. According to eOnline, they think Justin Bieber is the worst thing to happen to Selena. We don't 100-percent disagree. His family, however, thinks she's great. "She's good for him and they're great together," Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, told Ellen DeGeneres back in September 2012, saying, "Seriously, how could you not like her?...She's so sweet."