Who says constantly being on your phone isn't a good thing? Dawin, a 23-year-old DJ-producer from Brooklyn ended up posting a six second video to Vine that got him a record deal. It all started back in January when he posted six seconds of his song ""Just Girly Things" under a clip of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" actor Alfonso Ribeiro doing his famous Carlton dance. The Vine went viral with over 500,000 re-vines and countless people making their own versions. 

Seeing how popular it was, he put the entire song up on the website Soundcloud. 10,000 people downloaded it for free in exchange for liking his Facebook page, so the next step was to turn a profit. He put the song up for sale on iTunes and Google Play independently on Feb. 1, where he told Buzzfeed it was downloaded by around 500 people per day. After that, he had multiple labels looking to sign him. He signed with Casablanca/Republic in mid-March. According to Nielsen, “Just Girly Things” peaked at Number 14 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart on April 6th. It’s currently holding at 33 on the same chart, and has sold 35,000 copies...5,000 this week alone.

All that from a measly six seconds.