Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be phone whores.

A new survey cited by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper says nearly half of parents say they check their child's phone, but at the same time, many say their child becomes embarrassed when they try to discuss it.  More importantly, the study says that one in seven parents of children ages seven to 14 found inappropriate material in their kids devices. The study aimed to look at child safety.

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Forty-three percent of parents admit to checking their child’s internet history, and 14-percent regularly check who they are friends with on social networking sites.  Other parents tend to give their kids a pass.It doesn't appear to be all devious behavior on the part of kids, though.  Experts believe that something overheard, say, on the playground may wind up being the subject of an innocent-enough internet search. Internet and mobile security firm BullGuard conducted the survey.  Chief Marketing Officer Cam Le says, "Checking their history is a good way of seeing what they are up to, and modern mobile security software allows parents to set up keywords to flag alerts, view reports on activity and block certain sites automatically."

Big Al Wants To Know: Can you ever do enough to protect your child from what's out there? How far do you go in checking your kid's internet history?