Pink is raising her voice -- and kicking up her heels --  to promote a new campaign to stop violence against women and girls.

Photo: Getty Images

Pink has just released a video featuring her and her tour crew dancing up a storm to the empowerment anthem "Break the Chain." It's part of the One Billion for Justice campaign that's taken root in more than 200 countries.

Pink issued a statement saying, "I have never liked bullies of any kind. Whether it's someone picking on the 'fat' kid, the 'retarded' kid, the 'short' kid, the 'black' kid, the 'Asian' kid, the 'gay' kid, the 'girl.' You name it. Different reasons, same bully. When I read about this organization, how people get together of their own free will and dance, use their bodies, to express their outrage around the injustice that women feel all over the world, every day, I was inspired."