Robin Thicke says he "didn't have a choice" but to make his new album Paula about ex-wife Paula Patton.


Photo: YouTube

He tells On Air With Ryan Seacrest, “I came right off a tour and I had all these songs and all these ideas and feelings in my heart. And I went right into the studio. I wrote all the songs in about three weeks, and we recorded the album in about a month. Obviously all the songs were about her or about how I feel about her." And as to the album's title, he says, "There’s no reason to hide who this is about. It’s all about her.”

Thicke doesn't think people understand the degree to which the break-up has affected him. “She’s not just my wife, she’s been my very best friend for 20 years. I lost two people. That’s a lot to talk about.” But he admits that he's not sure if it was such a good idea to get that personal. "I really haven't thought it all the way through....I'm scared to death."

Paula hits stores this Tuesday.