Here are some common things men do that make absolutely no sense to women:

  • Going to a sporting event in terrible weather: It's windy, 30 degrees and miserable out, but he isn't going to miss out on tailgating for the big game.
  • Adjusting their goods in public: Are they making sure everything is still there?
  • Acting like babies when they have the sniffles: The world isn't ending because your nose is stuffed up. Take some cold medicine and get on with it!
  • Not being cold when you are freezing: You can never turn the heat up or the air conditioning off because he is always hot or comfortable while you are in your long johns, socks, sweater and wrapped in a blanket ... even in the summer.
  • Competitive binge drinking: Sure, girls can put 'em back, but it's not nearly as competitive and it almost never involves tequila shots