James Franco can probably have any lady in Hollywood, but he reportedly chose a 17-year-old Scottish tourist. Lucy Clode celebrated her 18th birthday early at a performance of James Franco's broadway play, "Of Mice and Men."

When she met the actor after the show, she Instagrammed a picture of her and Franco and he told her, 'You gotta tag me." She did, and later that night the two started flirting over Instagram. She told him she was underage and twice asked for a picture to prove his identity and while the first reports claimed he didn't send a picture, someone on Reddit posted a screenshot of text messages that prove otherwise. 

Either way, this James Franco ended up exchanging numbers and and he offered to rent a room to meet her in. The meetup ended up not happening, according to Clode, but the real James Franco did respond. He posted a picture to his Instagram account saying, "I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you." The picture was later deleted, but the link remains on his twitter

One possible explanation for this? Franco's new movie, "Palo Alto." According to HollywoodLife, the movie is about an older man, Franco, a single father who coaches his daughter's soccer team, seducing a young student, played by Emma Roberts. Is it a coincidence the supposed flirty texts with Clode happened the day the trailer for "Palo Alto" was released? Check out the video below and decide for yourself!