What’s really going on with Halle Berry? If the New York Daily News is to be believed, the Oscar winner’s life is heading down the drain fast.

For one, she and her husband, Olivier Martinez, are headed to Splitsville. Sources are quoted saying that the two – who have a newborn son, Maceo – are leading separate lives.

At this point, Halle’s shooting her new CBS series, “Extant,” in Los Angeles, and Martinez is appearing on “Revenge” in a guest-star role that starts Sunday. The two haven’t been seen in public together in months, and the last time Halle was seen – as a special guest at a post-Oscar party – she was alone and without her wedding ring.

And to add insult to injury, Berry’s star turn as Storm in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is virtually non-existent. An insider said that she was cut out of almost every scene in post-production – and the studio wasn’t going to tell her until the movie hits theaters 

However, sources are telling E! Online that neither the separation rumors nor the movie rumors are true. Stay tuned…