Bill O’Reilly slammed Beyoncé as a bad role model for young girls.

The Fox News host was talking to Russell Simmons about his plans for putting meditation in schools when he decided to ask the hip hop mogul about Beyoncé’s latest single, “Partition.”


O’Reilly referred to the song, which glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine, as “inexplicable,” and “exploitive garbage.” He added, “Teenage girls look up to Beyoncé – particularly girls of color…Why would she do that when she knows the devastation [of] unwanted pregnancies…and fractured families?”

Russell, who really wanted to talk about the positive effects of meditation, tried to defend Bey’s artistry. But Bill said that as a mother and a person who promotes gender equality, she has an “obligation to protect the children.”

Check out Beyoncé performing "Partition" during her European leg of her tour. WARNING: Spicy language, be careful when you turn it up: